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Monday, February 28, 2011

I an Art Lover! :D

Firstly . i just wanna tell that i love Art.  Not just draw thing or make an origami .  I love thing that have an weird or special characteristic . That show how much Awesome is Allah S.W.T  .He can Create such a wonderful & amazing thing~ Such as:

    * RAINBOW" It was so beautiful and colorful . BUT we cant touch it.( just like HER)
    * STAR" It blinking and shining . Show us The path~ (it give me an inspire )
    * MOON" It have gravities that can make Water flow~( Love iT)

All this amazing thing are create By Our Mighty Creator~
Hehe ~ and now i have some drawing that i make in Art class this week~

Hahaha~ i'm new with shading thing~


Iza Khatini said...

:) ... cantik !!

Adam Hafiz said...

tengs~ bru 1st time nh~ :P

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