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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Im so tired!! and miss her alot now @_@

Today was sooooo messy days for me~
I got "sastra exam for today~ luckily i can answer some question~  Thx GOD!!
but while Reading exam ~ i just rumble the answer ~ cz it was multiple answer~ just shade the answer~ in 15min i can fully answer it~ then i just sleep ~ till the end of the exam~ while im sleeping ~ i just dream of of her~ myb be i just miss her so much~ ooohhh God~ y this kind of feeling came to me!!! Now i cant stop thinking of her~
2 days without seeing her in my face~ feels like years~ i feel like want wait her after school but i feels so tired till now~ so do miss HER!! F.S!!! i miss you and need U syg!! : ) now im going take a nap ~ cz after this got lots of thing to settle down~ nite~ * tp bru kul 1.30pm*
imy f.s n ily :) <3

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